Confidentiality Policy

Confidentiality Policy uses IYZICO virtual POS system infrastructure for your credit card payments. To secure the transactions we utilize 128 bit SSL Certificate.

The SSL Protocol in the Virtual POS System used by is recognized worldwide as standard and is supported by well-known major servers and browsers.

SSL ensures the information sent, absolutely and only, be exposed in the accurate address.

Info is encrypted automatically before it is sent and permitted to decrypt only by the accurate receiver.

Confidentiality and Integrity of the process and information are protected by info sender-receiver verification.

Strength of encrypting method during data-stream in based on the key length. SSL protocol engages 40 bit and 128 bit encrypting. In 128 bit encrypting there are 2128 different keys and it requires huge cost and very long time to break it. Our system works depending on 128 bit encrypting technique.

For your own security you must be careful keeping your customer number, password and username confidential and should avoid sharing them with the third parties. Not having the same password and code for a long time is one of the security precautions you may take.

You can fill out the contact form or write directly to should you have any question about online shopping security.

We will be happy to relieve your anxiety about shopping-security on the internet. We declare and undertake that we take all the measures to protect the received data; however we declare that we do not accept liability and responsibility for the mentioned received data in case of breaching our established required, standard security system.
We as emphasize that we are not responsible for the links we may have in our website, for their gather information policy and their privacy exercise.

In case of assets’ partially or totally pass into other hands, we keep the rights to transfer the data received within the rules mentioned above.

By visiting our website and by benefitting from our services you approve that your info being gathered and used as it described above. website does definitely not share your shopping info with any other corporations or establishments. Your data on our system can be seen and changed only by you. Third parties cannot reach and/or change your data.

During checkout, your credit card info is protected by 3D Secure System and is executed between your bank and you. does not store neither save your credit card info. The compulsory areas that you need to fill out are kept so that we can give you better service in our online stores.

You can register to our website without filling out other areas. While being our website member, we give you an option about whether or not you would like to receive our newsletters. Upon your select we email you our newsletters. If you do not want to receive newsletters, you can click and cancel it from the member panel.

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