About US

After decades of trekking through ancient Anatolia Fikret and Mahir have matured. They’ve become passionate and savvy about all forms of art fashioned by the indigenous peoples of Turkey. The people who have turned Asia Minor into a melting pot and called it HOME.

“Years of traveling and guiding has taught us the meaning of live and let live.” They decided to help cottage industries by connecting them with the rest of the world.


  “We hand pick genuinely Turkish made items and present them to your taste. As the old saying goes, ‘we swap for what we do not have’, and here we bring the pieces together.”

A cottage industry is a system in which people make products for sale in their own home using their own equipment. However, it means so much more than that. Cottage industries are the languages of villagers, the dreams of young girls, they can even be the future plans of an entire family.

“We believe that interaction builds bridges that spirit away biases. Having a product from an artist will connect you two forever.”

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